Utilize your grain land year round. With rising grain prices you can still feed your cows in one labour motion while raising grain.

Lets cow graze on bunches from fall though to calving, reducing operating expenses and have less calving problems as cows are exercised.

Nutrients are more available for crop uptake the next crop year, no chaff toxicity in the soil and better water retention.

The Whole Buncher collects residue and straw while harvesting, automatically dropping the bunch in the field and resets for the next bunch.

Bunches are 6’x3′. Chaff, light grain and residue is suspended atop the straw when the bunch is set down.

The Whole Buncher is adjustable to all weights of crops and mount on most makes of combines including pull types.

Cows can graze on bunches in 2+ feet of snow, unlikely in swath grazing.  Cows have the ability to graze in their own space reducing stress and competition.

Cows haul and spread their own manure in your Whole Buncher feeding field.

This system reduces use of tractors, balers and spreaders, reducing fuel use and machinery wear and depreciation.